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Advertising online is the fastest growing medium for marketing. Whilst magazine circulation in the professional markets are falling, using the internet to find information and goods and services is increasing rapidly. The nature of the web provides a quick low cost access to information, and not to take advantage of this medium is to miss a great opportunity.

 An increasing number of "tech savvy" buyers look first to the internet to find new potential suppliers and partners, and if you are in the steel strip business you need them to be contacting you.

Steel Strip Resources is the most widely accessed website that is dedicated to the steel strip industry. It currently receives (based on data for the first three months of 2006) in excess of 4,500 visits each week from an average of 1089 unique visitors.

Because our site is specifically targeted at the steel strip industry the visitors are closely involved in the manufacturing and purchasing of steel strip, many of whom are actively seeking steel strip suppliers, or related services. This makes our site one of the most cost effective ways to reach potential new customers around the world.

Our high ranking in all the major search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo ensure that anyone searching for steel strip on the internet are likely to visit our site as it will be at the top or at least on the first page of their search. Most browsers rarely look past the first few pages of search results, so if your company is not found there, you are unlikely to be found at all.

Online Advertising Rates

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The prices are for 160x50 pixel display linking to your website. Smaller and larger banners available, please check with us for prices. 500.00 per annum 300.00 per annum 250.00 per annum 200.00 per annum
$ 800.00 per annum $ 500.00 per annum $ 400.00 per annum $350.00 per annum
700.00 per annum 425.00 per annum 350.00 per annum 275.00 per annum

Improved Listings


All basic listings are free but only include very basic information and a link to the relevant website. Improved entries giving more information can be expanded for 100.00 per annum ($150, 140) as following example

BSS Steelstrip Ltd.                       Website
Producers and stockholders of Hot and Cold Rolled steel strip, including drawing qualities, high strength low alloy, spring steels and alloy grades. No job too big or small, for the first in service contact us now.
Telephone 01709 740166                                  Fax 08701 236052                                                              email

If you do not have a website, we can provide a single page under the domain (without link-backs) for a price of 100.00 per annum, Please see example here

The actual availability of location on each page is on a first come basis

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