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We hope that the links contained within this site will help buyers to find a source for their steel strip requirements. If however you have been unable to locate your requirements we will try to assist. Please supply as much detail as you have including tolerances and coil sixes where appropriate. We also would like to encourage visitors to add to our knowledge by informing us of any producers, stockholders and Service centres dealing in steel strip, that are not listed on our site.


Steelstrip Resources has been for a number of years now the largest and most visited site on the internet relating  to hot and cold rolled steel strip. We list every producer's site that we are aware of, and welcome information on any that are unlisted. Whether you are a manufacturer, or a consumer of steel strip, we welcome your input, please use the form below to advise us of any links to producers or any site that has information that is useful to people in our industry.





Steel Strip World


For some time now we have been publishing a weblog at SteelstripWorld.

It covers news items and topics of interest to our industry.

At the end of each article, it is possible to add your comments, which are most welcome.

Discussion is encouraged, as it helps us to ensure that we are delivering the content that our visitors want.