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Esteel has had a chequered start with an initial flood of of sites that lasted for a relatively short period of time. Many of the early esteel domain names are now for sale. Unlike consumer goods and basic commodities, steel is still at least from the point of view of the "end user" a bespoke product.

Whilst many grades are common to a variety of industries, the final dimensions required by steel users vary widely, and this has lead to the rise of the service centres that have the facilities to further process the standard sizes manufactured by the steel producers and supply the end user with his required combination of width and gauge.

Accordingly the transactions facilitated by the main Esteel sites are between traders and the larger service centres. Whether or not future developments will see Esteel sites of real benefit to the end user remains to be seen.


Steel Salvor live internet auction for salvage or excess steel products.

Spot Metals Online, Inc. homepage where over a few million metric tons of metals conservatively valued at USD 1 Billion have been posted in the past two years!

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MEsteel- Linking steel buyers and sellers in the middle east


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