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Security Products

With more permanent internet connections firewall and virus protection has become increasingly important. Whilst within the corporate environment it will be the Network manager who controls these features, If you have a small business network, or are a home computer user, the following resources will be invaluable. The three main threats from the internet are Virus infection, Trojans and Adware (or Malware).

Virus and Trojans infect the target computer and run programmes that can do a great deal of damage to a computers software environment. They can delete data and even make the system inoperable, also spreading themselves by email to infect other computers on the network or via email. Adware is software run on your PC invariably installed without your permission that collects personal information and sends it to the originator.

McAfee One of the longest established internet security companies with Firewall and antivirus protection 
Zone Alarm Offers a free firewall along with a premium service
Dr. Solomon Firewall and Virus protection Software
Lavasoft The best "free" protection against Adware
AVG Offers free virus protection software


Your choice of e-mail client may be be determined by your corporate Network or installed along with another software package. Outlook Express is installed as part of the Windows internet explorer package. This will be the default on many systems. Alternatively Microsoft Office installs an upgraded version in the the very comprehensive PIM program Outlook. Outlook is not the only e-mail client however and there are good alternatives. The following links are to help get the most out of your existing client or to study other choices.

An Email Intro A Great introduction to e-mail from the about net people
Eudora A long established and well respected alternative to Microsoft Outlook
Incredimail A fun alternative email application
Microsoft Outlook A lot of information on using the product
Spam A site devoted to helping individuals and corporations cut down on spam emails
About Com A comprehensive portal to email issues
Email Security A site addressing security issues
C-net A C-net guide to installing and getting the most out of Outlook Express


Web Design and Authoring


If you are designing , or maintaining a website I hope that you will find the following inks useful. The first section deals with sites and tools designed to assist , whilst the second section provides links to the authoring software.


Authoring. HTML and scripting help

Atomz ATOMZ provides services that help Web developers, designers, and engineers to build better Web sites. Particularly highly regarded is their web site search engine (As used on this site )
Outfront A Site designed to help get the most out of Microsofts' web authoring package Frontpage 
HTML Goodies A great HTML, cgi and Javascript resource, for the more advanced programmer, or a starting point if you are considering learning to code.
CGI  resources Even more advanced scripting site
Web Monkey Without doubt one of the best resources on the net for all things related to web design 

The Web design Software Packages 

Macromedia  Probably the most advanced web development software available. A fully featured package that along with Fireworks and Flash ( web graphics and animation packages) can be used to author the most sophisticated sites 
Coffee-Cup An award winning and much talked about software package
Front Page Microsoft's' own Web authoring Package
Internet Security
Web Design



Skype is free Internet telephony
that just works.

Skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world.