Steel Strip International Equivalents

The range of International steel strip specifications is vast and it would be impractical to cover a fraction of them on this site.

Below are listed the grades of steel that we have most frequently had requests for information submitted to this site. Some of these grades are exclusively steel strip, whilst others are also used in long products. There are links on the right hand site to companies and organisations that are able to offer more comprehensive steel specification data. The main standards in the United Kingdom concerned with steel strip are :-

BS4360 this is gradually being replaced by EN10025 BS1449 steel plate, sheet and strip – cross reference BS EN 10139.

BS1449 Spring Steels are slowly being replaced by EN 10132-4 (link to the right)

BSS hold stock in sheet and coil for the following grades: CS4, C75, CS70, 75Cr1, CS80, 80CrV2, CS95, CS100.

Please call +44 (0)114 244 0527 for availability and prices. 

Pressing and Drawing Qualities
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
EN10130 NFA 37-501 DIN 1624 BS 1449 ASTM
DC04 F14 St4 CS1 / CR1 SAE 1006
DC04/DC03 F14/F13 St4/RRSt3 CS1/CS3 SAE 1006
DC01 F12 St2 CS4 / CR4 SAE 1010
SAE 1018
Structural Steels
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
EN10025 NFA 35-501 Din 17100 BS4360 ASTM
S235     40A A283C
S235JR E24-2 Rst37-2 40B  
S275     43A A570Gr40
S275 E28-2 St44-2 43B  
S355     50A A572Gr50
S355JR     50B  
S355JO   St52-3U 50C  
Micro-Alloyed Steels
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
EN10149 NFA36-231 SEW092 BS1449 SAEJ1392
S315MC E315D QSTE 340TM 40/30 045XLK
S355MC E355D QSTE 380TM 43/35 050XLK
S420MC E420D QSTE 420M 46/40 060XLK
S460ML E490D QSTE 500TM 50/45  
S550MC E560D QSTE 550TM 60/55 080XLK
Hypress Corus branded high strength low alloy    
Tenform Corus branded high strength low alloy    
Domex SSAB branded high strength low alloy    
Carbon Steels For Quenching and Tempering
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
EN 10132 – 3 NFA 37-502/3/4 DIN 17200 BS 1449 ASTM
C22E XC18 CK2/C22 SAE 1021
C35E XC38 CK35/C35 SAE 1035
C40E CK40/C40 CS40 SAE 1040
CS40 SAE 1043
C50E XC45 CK45/C45 CS50 SAE 1049
C60E XC60 CK60/C60 SAE 1055
Case Hardening Steels
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
EN 10132 – 2 NFA 37-503 DIN 17210 BS 1449 ASTM
C10E XC10 CK10/C10 CS12 SAE 1010
C15 XC18   CS20/CS17  
16MnCr5 16MC5 16MnCr5
Carbon Steels for Heat Treatment
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
EN 10132 – 4 NFA 37-502/4 DIN 17222 BS 1449 SAE
C67S XC68 CK67/C67 CS70 SAE 1070
C75S XC75 CK75/C75 CS70 SAE 1074
C85S XC90 CK85 CS80 SAE 1084
  XC100 CK101 CS95 SAE 1095
Alloy Steels
Euronorm France Germany UK USA
16MnCr5       5120H
51 CrV4
37 – 502/4
17222 50CrV4   6150
17200 5CrMo4 4130
17200 2CrMo4 4140
50Cr4V2   55Sc7   SAE 9260
NF EN10213-2
17350 100Cr6

Micro-Alloyed Steels

A micro-alloyed steel can be defined as a carbon-manganese steel containing deliberately added alloying elements totalling only 0.05 to 0.10%. Alloying elements which are effective in modifying steel properties when present in such small amounts include boron, vanadium and niobium and boron in even lesser amounts (0.005% /0.003%).

Micro-alloyed steels are manufactured in Large tonnages for high pressure pipelines in the petroleum industry and automotive forgings.

A major advantage of these steels is that in the case of forgings, careful control of forge processing temperatures can eliminate subsequent heat treatment. This is a major cost advantage particularly with certain automotive components. Mechanical properties developed by controlled hot working conditions are similar to those developed by conventional hardening and tempering treatments for components where strength and toughness are required