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Steel and Steel standards are constantly developing and changing. Following are a number of organisations involved in the development and maintenance of standards and research and education.


Standards Institutes
AISI American Iron and Steel Institute
ISO ISO standards homepage
AFNOR Afnor is the standards institute of France
BSI British Standards Institute
TUV TUV standards homepage


Universities and Research Facilities with Steel Departments
Carnegie  Carnegie University
Birmingham Birmingham UK Metallurgy Department
Cambridge Cambridge University Metallurgy Dept.
Steel Matters An excellent site with multimedia content


Other Sources of Industry information
Matweb On line Materials information Source
Engineering Resources A practical guide to engineering on the net
Fera UK fasteners engineering association
Cyber- Rolling A study in Rolling based at University of Califorinia
SAE International Society of Automotive Engineers
Steel Grips a scientific technical journal dealing with steel and related materials:
DTI UK Department of Trade and Industry
Steel Related Associations  
British Coatings Federation
European Coil  Coating Association  
Society of Automotive Engineers
Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association US Based
Institute of Spring technology UK Based
The Fastener and engineering research association UK Based
Steel Construction Research
UKSMA UK Spring Manufacturers Association
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